Please see the conference programme for details on the accepted workshops.


Cristina Buiza, Ingema, Spain
Wolfgang Reitberger, University of Salzburg, Austria

Workshops are an opportunity to meet in the context of the conference and discuss a common theme and/or common topics of interest. In particular emerging and future areas in the field are subject to organize a workshop at AmI-09. In general the orientations of workshops are quite open. Another form of the workshop could be a workshop organized by a project workshop (e.g. an European project) with a clear thematic goal in mind. The workshop should have the potential to move the field forward and suggest promising directions. Workshops could be either half-day (3 hours per day) or full day workshops (6 hours per day).

Interested workshop organizers are requested to submit a proposal to the conference. If the workshop is accepted the workshop is publicized as part of the conference programme and potential participants have to submit a position paper. The criteria, reviewing and acceptance is handled by the workshop organizers. Workshops are only open to people accepted by the workshop organizer and registered for the conference and a minimum number of attendees for the workshop will be defined by the conference.

Workshop submissions include a 4-page (maximum) extended abstract in the Adjunct Proceedings Format. You should make clear about the general goal of the workshop, topics to be discussed, a proposal for the schedule of the workshop, the type of workshop as either half-day or full-day, the type of participants you will expect to take part, means for marketing of the workshop, the procedures for handling the reviews as well as plans for using the outcome of the workshop. Accepted workshop abstracts will be published in the Conference Adjunct Proceedings. The submission should also include a 250 word Call for Participation to be used to promote the workshop. After acceptance organizers should set up an external web page delivering all the necessary information for interested people.

Submissions should follow the Springer guidelines for Proceedings. Submissions must be made by sending it to

If you have questions about the Workshops category for AmI-09 please contact