Conference Programme

The conference programme is now available for download (pdf, 300kb).

Conference Schedule

The Conference Schedule is available now. Please note that changes might occur due to organisation issues.

Workshops and Presentations

The following Workshops will be held at the according dates:

W1, W2, W6, W8 and W9 will be held on Wednesday, November 18th.
W3 and W5 will be held on Saturday, November 21st.

All other Presentations and Sessions will be held on Thursday Nov 19th, and Friday Nov 20th. Please see the Conference Schedule for details.

Keynote Speakers

Ami-09 proudly presents the keynote speakers:

Prof. Emile Aarts, Philips Research
Ambient Intelligence 2.0: Towards Synergetic Prosperity

Abstract: Ten years of research in Ambient Intelligence have revealed that the original ideas and assertions about the way the concept should develop no longer hold and should be substantially revised. Early scenarios in Ambient Intelligence envisioned a world in which individuals could maximally exploit personalized, context aware, wireless devices thus enabling them to become maximally productive, while living at an unprecedented pace. Environments would become smart and proactive, enriching and enhancing the experience of participants thus supporting maximum leisure possibly even at the risk of alienation. New insights have revealed that these brave new world scenarios are no longer desirable and that people are more in for a balanced approach in which technology should serve people instead of driving them to the max. We call this novel approach Synergetic Prosperity, referring to meaningful digital solutions that balance mind and body, and society and earth thus contributing to a prosperous and sustainable development of mankind.

Dr. Matt Jones, Swansea University
From Bystander to Performer - Ambient Intelligence in a Digitally Extravagant Era

Abstract: Ubicomp and Ambient Intelligence visions, at least until recently, appear to dis-empower people. We - the users - are bystanders, who watch in awe at the workings of a subtle, hidden power; a benign divinity that might intervene to improve our lives. Meanwhile, on the streets, people speak loudly into mobile phones, gesturing as they stride; and young people swagger downtown in groups, chatting to their mates while simultaneously listening to iPods and updating their Twitter feed. In this talk, I will suggest that a promising direction for new research is one that recognises the delight and engagement people desire as they perform with and through pervasive digital media. I will draw on a range of examples from those designed for cosmopolitan world cities to those for isolated, rural, 'developing' world villages.