EU Project Workshops

EU1: Amigo

The Amigo project develops a service oriented architecture for intelligent future home networks in which available context information is used and different devices can be deployed to provide intelligent and attractive user services by composing and integrating available and new services and device functionality.

Dr. Maddy Janse (Philips Research), Nikolaos Georgantas (INRIA), Dr. Thorsten Henkel (FhG SIT), Remco Poortinga (TELIN), Peter Vink (Philips)

Date of workshop: Wednesday, Nov 7.

EU2: Wirelessly Accessible Sensor Populations (WASP)

The infrastructure for Ambient Intelligence envisaged by researchers and industry in Europe will consist of a myriad of wireless sensors working in collaboration. This workshop aims to face this challange by discussing some major links in the sensor technology chain from basic hardware, sensors, processors and communication to the packaging and organization of the nodes, the information distribution and an application selection.

Michael Hellenschmidt (Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics), Dr. Frank Siegemund (Microsoft Innovation Center), Prof. Dr. Johan J. Lukkien (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Date of workshop: Wednesday, Nov 7.

For more information, please visit the Workshop Website.

EU3: Conjoint SOPRANO and PERSONA Workshop

This EU Project Workshop is a conjoint activity of the EU-IST projects (FP6, IST-2005-2.6.2 Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) in the Ageing Society) SOPRANO and PERSONA that both startet in January 2007 and deal with the realisation of Ambient Intelligence. The project SOPRANO aims to design and develop innovative, contextaware, smart services with natural and comfortable interfaces for older people with the goal to extend the time, in which they can live independently and autonomously in their homes. SOPRANO seeks to extend today’s RTD methods by integrating design-for-all paradigms: from requirements, iterative prototyping and usability tests. The project PERSONA aims at advancing the paradigm of Ambient Intelligence through the harmonisation of Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) technologies and concepts for the development of sustainable and affordable solutions for the social inclusion and independent living of Senior Citizen, integrated in a common semantic framework. PERSONA seeks to develop a scalable open standard technological platform to build a broad range of AAL Services.

Dr. Reiner Wichert (Fraunhofer-Institute for Computer Graphics), Rochi Febo Dommarco (Vodafone Omnitel), Elena Avatangelou (EXODUS)

Date of workshop: Wednesday, Nov 7.

EU4 (jointly with SW5): MonAmi, Mainstream Solutions for Ambient Assisted Living Systems?

The overall objective of MonAMI is to mainstream accessibility in consumer goods and services, including public services, through applied research and development, using advanced technologies to ensure equal access, independent living and participation for all in the Information Society. This workshop will bring together experts from academia and industry,to identify and discuss specific demands, approaches, and solutions with regard to awareness in the AAL domain, and to exchange views on MonAMI objective to leverage on mainstream building blocks to achieve AAL. The workshop is organised jointly with SW5 : Ambient Assisted Living.

Prof. Dr. Paul Lukowicz (University of Passau), Gunnar Fagerbert (Swedish Handicap Institute), Anonio Kung (Trialog)

Date of workshop: Saturday, Nov 10.

Please also read the public agenda of the workshop for more information.

EU5: Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery for Ambient Inteligence (KDubiq)

The purpose of the workshop is to provide a comprehensive overview on the area of Ubiquitous Knowledge Discovery.

Dr. Michael May (Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent Analysis and Information Systems), Prof. Dr. Rasmus Pedersen (Business School Copenhagen)

Date of workshop: Saturday, Nov 10.

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