AmI 2015 - European Conference on Ambient Intelligence

11-13 November 2015 - Athens, Greece






The AmI-15 conference took place succesfully in Athens, in 11-13 November.

Participants have been able to watch during two inspiring and intensive conference days the conference's four invited speaches (J. Crawley, M. Bletsas, J. van Joest, P. Markopoulos), 26 high quality paper presentations, 8 posters and, on the preceeding day, attend the AmI-15 workshop: Affective Interaction with Avatars.

Best paper was presented to Hristijan Gjoreski, Rok Piltaver and Matjaz Gams, for their paper: Person Identification by Analyzing Door Accelerations in Time and Frequency Domain.

Photos of the conference will be made available via the AmI-15 Social Media accounts.

You can access the conference proceedings and adjunct proceedings for posters and workshop via respective links on the sidebar.
We would like to thank all conference participants; their presence in AmI15 ensured an inspiring and fruitful event!

European Conference on Ambient Intelligence 2015 (AmI-15)

The European Conference on Ambient Intelligence is the prime venue for research on Ambient Intelligence, with an international and interdisciplinary character. It brings together researchers from the fields of science, engineering, and, design working towards the vision of Ambient Intelligence.

Ami-15 will provide a meeting point for each of these communities, aiming for intensive networking and scientific debate, and shaping visions of the future.

This year's event focuses on the following featured themes areas, each attracting a growing community of Ambient Intelligence researchers:

AmI & Healthcare

This theme seeks for contributions exploring applications of Ambient Intelligence to improve the quality of care, including but not limited to, patient safety, patient and staff satisfaction, workflow and efficiency, flexibility and adaptability, remote diagnostics, as well as remote care and assistance.

AmI & Well-being

Well-being explores innovative Ambient Intelligence products, systems, and services for many sectors of society, to enable people having a better life by enjoying and feeling well. This includes good living conditions, an improved social life and realizing their full potential: overall satisfaction in life is stimulated with positive emotions - joy, pride, and being content.

AmI & Social Robots

This theme explores robots interacting socially with humans and groups of humans. It seeks contributions on social interaction between humans and robots. This includes, but is not limited to, the analysis and recognition of human social behaviour, models of social interaction between humans and robots, investigation of social traits in machines, the impact of social robots on humans and human society. We particularly encourage contributions that focus on the perception of human behaviour from external sensors such as fixed cameras, simple sensor networks or wearable sensors, and on how humans experience these.

AmI & Evaluation

This theme explores issues of evaluation with Ambient Intelligence systems and methods. This includes the development of novel evaluation techniques, critical reviews of existing evaluation methods, and reflection on lessons learned from case studies that focus on evaluation.

AmI & City

The AmI & City theme aims to explore the development of ambient intelligence technologies in the context of the urban environment, while also taking into account the social, cultural and political implications that the use of these technologies has on everyday life.

AmI & Other Applications

AmI & Other Applications provides an opportunity for contributions on new and emerging applications in fields that fall outside of the scope of the other conference themes (e.g., Agriculture, Arts & Culture, Commerce & Marketing, Environmental management, Finance, Leisure & Entertainment, Transport and logistics, Workplace etc.)

New & Emerging Topics

As the digital domain is becoming integrated with the physical domain, technologies are coming out of research labs and used to develop new products - like the Internet of Things and the disruption it is creating in a broad range of industries. However, there are many other technologies that are still being developed in the research labs that promise to further disrupt our lives. To name a few: configurable physical spaces, screen less displays, holographic displays, programmable matter, etc. In the "New and Emerging Themes" an opportunity is provided for contributions on such future & emerging technologies reporting recent research findings.

Invited Speakers

James L. Crowley
Professor, Grenoble Institut Polytechnique
INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes Research Center, France
"An Ecological View of Smart Home Technologies"

Panos Markopoulos
Professor, Department of Industrial Design
Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
"Ambient Intelligence: Visions Past and Future"

Michail Bletsas
Research Scientist & Director of Computing
MIT Media Lab, USA
"Ubiquitous Connectivity for Ambient Intelligence"

Jan van Zoest
CTO HealthSuite DigitalPlatform
Philips HealthTech, The Netherlands
"Philips HealthSuite DigitalPlatform"

Best papers will be invited to send an extended version to a thematic issue of JAISE journal or to the Special Issue on “Smart Internet of Things: technologies, protocols, applications” in the Journal of Ambient Wireless Communications and Smart Environments (AMBIENTCOM).

Workshop proceedings and Posters, upon agreement with respective authors, will be compiled into a single volume and published as an online CEUR Volume, indexed by SCOPUS. The volume will be made available after the conference.