International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence

picture of conference location

Pisa, Italy - November 13-15, 2012

Accepted Submissions


    IE Sim – A Flexible Tool for the Simulation of Data Generated within Intelligent Environments
    Jonathan Synnott, Liming Chen, Chris Nugent, and George Moore

    Intention Recognition with Clustering
    Fariba Sadri, Weikun Wang, and Afroditi Xafi

    Behavior modeling and recognition methods to facilitate transitions between application-specific personalized assistance systems
    Arun Ramakrishnan, Zubair Bhatti, Davy Preuveneers, Yolande Berbers, Aliaksei Andrushevich, Rolf Kistler, and Alexander Klapproth

    LumaFluid: a responsive environment to stimulate social interaction in public spaces
    Gianluca Monaci, Tommaso Gritti, Martine van Beers, Ad Vermeulen, Bram Nab, Inge Thomassen, Marigo Heijboer, Sandra Suijkerbuijk, Wouter Walmink, and Maarten Hendriks

    A Cost-Based Model for Service Discovery in Smart Environments
    Michele Girolami, Francesco Furfari, and Stefano Chessa

    On the Use of Video Prototyping in Designing Ambient User Experiences
    Nikolaos Batalas, Hester Bruikman, Annemiek Van Drunen, He Huang, Dominika Turzynska, Vanessa Vakili, Natalia Voynarovskaya, and Panos Markopoulos

    Automatic Power-Off for Binaural Hearing Instruments
    Bernd Tessendorf, Peter Derleth, Manuela Feilner, Daniel Roggen, Thomas Stiefmeier, and Gerhard Tröster

    Proposal and Demonstration of Equipment Operated by Blinking
    Masaki Kato, Tatsuya Kobori, Takayuki Suzuki, Shigenori Ioroi and Hiroshi Tanaka

    CASi – A Generic Context Awareness Simulator for Ambient Systems
    Jörg Cassens, Felix Schmitt, Tobias Mende, and Michael Herczeg

    A Conceptual Framework for Supporting Adaptive Personalized Help-on-Demand Services
    William Burns, Liming Chen, Chris Nugent, Mark Donnelly, Kerry-Louise Skillen, and Ivar Solheim