International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence

picture of conference location

Pisa, Italy - November 13-15, 2012

Conference Overview

The AmI-12 conference brings together researchers and practitioners from industry and academia working in the field of technologies and applications of Ambient Intelligence. Ambient Intelligence represents a vision of the future where we shall be surrounded by invisible technological means, sensitive and responsive to people and their behaviors, deliver advanced functions, services and experiences. Ambient intelligence combines concepts of ubiquitous technology, intelligent systems and advanced user interfaces putting the humans in the center of technological developments.
Authors are invited to submit manuscripts of original unpublished work in all areas related to Ambient Intelligence. Contributions are solicited from, but not limited to the following topics:
  • Objects, devices and environments that embody ambient intelligence
  • Context models and context factors
  • Sensing and reasoning technology
  • Natural and multimodal interaction styles and user interfaces
  • Advanced interface artifacts
  • Service Front-Ends for Ambient Intelligence
  • End User Development for Ubiquitous Environments
  • Adaptation in Ambient Intelligence
  • Multi-device Interaction
  • Security, privacy and trust
  • Ambient intelligence services
  • Business model and business cases
  • Knowledge-based systems, computational intelligence
  • Autonomic systems, multi-agent architectures and systems
  • Adaptive architectures, symbiotic systems
  • Industrial and commercial applications of ambient intelligence
  • Configuration and control of ambient environments by end-users
  • User experience and user experience factors (e.g., acceptance)
  • Ambient intelligence for special target groups
  • Ambient intelligence applications (e.g., assisted living, future shopping)
  • Artifacts in ambient intelligence environments (e.g., robots)
  • Large scale ambient contexts (e.g., intelligent buildings, urban public spaces, smart cities)
  • Social media applications in ambient environments
  • Societal implications of ambient intelligence
  • Distributed software, systems, middleware and frameworks
  • Reflections on the current state and future of ambient intelligence

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