November 11 - 13, 2014 - Eindhoven, The Netherlands





Instructions for presenters
At least one of the authors for each paper should be present at AmI 2014. Here are some instructions for presenters:
  • Full papers are allocated 30' of the program, of which the presentation itself should take 25', leaving 5' for discussion.
  • Short papers are allocated 15' each, of which 10 minutes are for the presentation and 5' for discussion.
  • Presenters of full and short papers are requested to make themselves known to their session chair before the session, so that (s)he can announce you properly.
  • Before the session please check that your presentation displays propertly (check video and audio especially are played as expected).
  • Poster presenters should print their posters on A1 format and hang them on the A1 as from the first day of the conerence
  • Instructions for session chairs
    Paper presentations should be a maximum of 25' allowing 5' for discussion and change to the next speaker. Your task is to ensure the session runs smoothly, but also to try to support a lively discussion. Here are a few tips to help you do this:

    Before the session

  • Identify your speakers before the session and make sure you can announce them correctly.
  • There will be a student volunteer responsible for the AV stuff present before sessions to make sure that presentations run smoothly.
  • Be there 15' before the start of the session to see if your help/intervention is needed by any speaker
  • Collect presentations on the laptop in the room to make switching speakers as fast as possible
  • Explain your role to presenters, so that they know what to expect from you (e.g., I will show you a sign at 5')
  • During the session

  • Introduce very briefly yourself to the audience.
  • Introduce the papers and speakers.
  • Help speakers keep the time, e.g., showing a warning card. There will be cards marked "5 minutes," "1 minute," and "Please finish!" for all session Chairs (available in the room of the session)
  • Apply timing strictly - the session should start on time, and each paper should within 25' max.
  • After a paper presentation, you can take questions by the audience or ask the speakers questions. The overall aim is to help the audience engage with the speakers; you are welcome to try what works for you.
  • Close the session, making if necessary any organizational announcements needed.