Ambient Gaming Workshop

First International Workshop on Ambient Gaming
AmI-11 conference, 16-18 November 2011, Amsterdam

The Ambient Gaming workshop was held on November 16. 17 participants from 8 different countries presented their work and discussed opportunities and driving and hindering factors for Ambient Gaming. Conclusions and presentations can be found here.


‘Ambient games’, i.e. innovative game designs incorporating ambient intelligence characteristics, such as context-awareness, personalisation, adaptation and anticipation, may lead to a whole new player experience, for instance by allowing players to move around freely, without being bound by a computer screen or another device, by using information coming from sensors. Ambient games support casual play, i.e. play and games are seamlessly integrated with daily activities. Ambient gaming implies taking the everyday stuff of life and turning it into a game, and yet that gaming is not limited to a single device at a single time, but is intertwined with daily activities.

Ambient gaming offers promising opportunities for creating novel and unique player experiences. However, there are still many unanswered questions related to this new field of research, such as what are promising scenarios for ambient game design? Which technologies are available that can be used for ambient gaming? How to design and evaluate ambient games? In this First International Workshop on Ambient Gaming we intend to discuss these issues from different perspectives and uncover the potential of ambient technology for play and games, by bringing together people who are active in this field (game designers, researchers, and technologists).

Sponsored by the PlayFit project