AmI-11 : International Joint Conference on Ambient Intelligence 16-18 November 2011, Amsterdam

Workshop on Integration of AMI and AAL Platforms
in the Future Internet Platform Initiative

Wednesday, 16 November 2011, Amsterdam

Organised by:
    Antonio Kung
Paris, France

Francesco Furfari
Pisa, Italy


Mohammad-Reza Tazari
Darmstadt, Germany


Atta Badii
University of Reading
Reading, UK

    Petra Turkama
Aalto University
Helsinki, Finland
The digital agenda of the European Commission includes plans for the building of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based on a new generation of networks, or the Internet of the Future. To this end, the Future Internet Public Private Partnership programme (FI-PPP) has been established with the help of the European Commission. It will involve the building of a proof of concept FI platform in the coming two years. One of the main challenges of this platform is to be generic while serving the needs of specific application sectors. This workshop will focus on the challenges of integrating Ambient Intelligence (AmI) and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) platforms with this kind of platform. Participants in the workshop will include members of the AmI/AAL platform community, members of the FI community, and policy makers.

This workshop will focus on the challenges of integrating AmI and AAL platforms with the FI-PPP initiative. In this respect, the workshop provides information on concrete means to engage with FI-PPP future calls and experiments, either as a user or as a co-developer.

A second objective is to explore the opportunities for joint statements and declarations addressing the grand societal challenges of aging, e-inclusion and e-competences, as well as the implementation of the Digital Agenda stratgy.

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Architecture of an FI platform and challenges from an FI viewpoint.
  • Architecture of existing and future AmI/AAL platforms and challenges from an AmI/AAL viewpoint.
  • How can integration take place? What are the hurdles?
  • What are the means of experimentation? Can AAL be a usage area for the Future Internet?
  • What is the impact of evaluation? How can we move towards a European digital single market?
  • Identification of measures and instruments.
  • Actions.

Participants at the workshop will include both members of the AmI/AAL platform community, members of the FI community and policy makers.

Workshop Agenda
09:00 Welcome & Introduction
09:15 Session 1: Ambient Assisted Living (AAL)
Chaired by Atta Badii (University of Reading)
09:15 User needs: video “Charlie and Marie: A Tale of Ageing” (The Young Foundation). Statement from Liz Mestheneos (Age Platform)
09:30 AAL applications: the case of Healthlab and Express to Connect. Ger Baron, Martijn Kriens (Amsterdam Innovation Motor), Sabine Wildevuur (Waag Society)
10:00 AAL R&D and technology enablers: The AALOA initiative. Francesco Furfari (CNR-ISTI)
10:20 European policies for AAL: potential socio-economic impact, potential barriers, measures, governance, the Lecce Declaration. Antonio Kung (Trialog)
10:30 Q & A
10:45 Break
11:00 Session 2: Future Internet (FI)
Chaired by Mikko Riepula (Aalto University)
11:00 FI initiative. Mikko Riepula (Aalto University)
11:15 FI technology enablers. Thierry Nagellen (Orange Labs / FI-WARE project)
11:35 FI applications. Josema Cavanillas (Atos Origin)
12:05 European policies for FI: potential socio-economic impact, potential barriers, measures, governance. Takis Damaskopoulos (EIIR)
12:15 Q & A
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Panel 1: AAL and FI Communities Joining Forces: Technical Aspects
Chaired by Chaired by Saied Tazari (Fraunhhofer-IGD)  
Participants: universAAL Representative: Saied Tazari (Fraunhhofer-IGD), URC representative: Jan Alexandersson (DFKI), FI-WARE representative: Thierry Nagellen (Orange Labs / FI-WARE project)
  Integrating AAL technology enablers with the FI technology enablers
  How can AAL applications take advantage of the FI technology enablers?
  Creating a bridge between AAL applications and other applications
14:45 Break
15:00 Panel 2: AAL and FI Communities Joining Forces: Opportunities
Chaired by Antonio Kung (Trialog).
Participants: Ana Garcia (ENoLL), Martin Potts (Martel / INFINITY project), Blanca Jordan Rodriguez (Atos / e-Health), Gaby Lenhart (ETSI), Thierry Nagellen (Orange Labs / FI-WARE project), Saied Tazari (Fraunhofer-IGD / AALOA)
  Towards a common roadmap: ecosystem building, common interoperability platform
  The role of standardization during ecosystem building
  The role of living labs during ecosystem building, in particular on the use of common platforms
  Integrating AAL and eHealth in an Active Healthy Ageing (AHA) undertaking
  Towards an MoU between the FI-PPP and AAL communities
  Short term (≈ 2 years) liaison actions
16:15 Conclusions & actions. Antonio Kung (Trialog)
16:45 Adjourn

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