AmI 2011

International Conference on Ambient Intelligence

Amsterdam, 10-12 november 2011

Ami 2011

Workshop proceedings

Papers submitted to the AmI-11 workshops will be published in Springer's Communications in Computer and Information Science.

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Aesthetic Intelligence: Designing Smart and Beautiful Architectural Spaces (Half Day)

This workshop will provide a platform for interested researchers and practitioners to discuss the visual and perceptual possibilities that arise from the use of Ambient Intelligence technology in public as well as private space. The focus of the workshop will be on the relevance of beauty and aesthetic values for Ambient Intelligence and the meaning of aesthetically pleasing design for usability, technology acceptance, and well-being in technology-enhanced spaces.

The workshop aims to bring together researchers from different disciplines to discuss the interrelation of functional, architectural, and aesthetic factors and their consequences for the design, use and acceptance of smart environments.

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Human-Centered Design of Smart/Ambient Environments and Services: Models and Tools for Tasks Migratability

Unfortunately this workshop was cancelled…

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Interactive Human Behavior Analysis in Open or Public Spaces (Full Day)

In open spaces, whether public or private, humans exhibit a much larger and interesting range of behaviors, from their interaction with the environment (how groups of people occupy the space or how they manipulate/use objects within it) to the way they communicate with each other. The advancement in video sensor technology in terms of resolution for automatically understanding and recognizing these behaviors enables also improvements in the types of automated analysis that can be done. The goal of the workshop is to bring together experts and researchers from different fields (computer scientists, sociologists, governmental agencies and industry) to share their experience and expertise about the opportunities on the development of tools for automated social analysis in open spaces.

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Workshop on User Interaction Methods for Elderly, People With Dementia (Half Day)

The development of dementia in later life is a common ailment for people reaching an older age. Thus, AAL solutions need to take into account the necessary steps for making AAL technology suitable to this significant part of the target group. This workshop aims at the development of a set of guidelines for the development of such solutions. It draws on existing developments being done in this field, ranging from end-user research to interaction development and evaluations.

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Empowering and integrating senior citizens with virtual coaching (Full Day)

With Europe’s aging population and an increasing number of older people living alone or geographically distant from kin, loneliness is turning into a prevalent issue. This might involve deleterious consequences for both the older person and society, such as depression and increased use of healthcare services. The workshop will discuss the effects of virtual coaches on elderly users and how they can be used to improve the quality of life by aiding in planning daily life activities and mediating meaningful relationships to maintain and expand the social network of the elderly persons. Additional applications of virtual coaches and avatars in AAL specific context will be discussed. Furthermore it will explore intuitive interaction between the user and virtual entities.

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Workshop: Integration of AMI and AAL platforms in the Future Internet (FI) Platform initiative (Full Day)

The digital agenda of the European Commission includes plans for the building of Information and Communication Technology based on a new generation of networks, or the Internet of the Future. To this end, the Future Internet Privacy Public Partnership (FI-PPP) has been established with the help of the European Commission. It will involve the building of a proof of concept FI platform in the coming two years. One of the main challenges of this platform is to be generic while serving the needs of specific application sectors. This workshop will focus on the challenges of integrating AMI and AAL platforms with such kind of platform. Participants to the workshop will include both members of the AMI/AAL platform communicaty, members of the FI community and policy makers.

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Ambient Gaming (Half Day)

Ambient Gaming aims to create novel player experiences in games by taking inspiration from aspects of ambient intelligence (context-aware, personalized, adaptive, and anticipatory) and translating these into a gaming context.
In this one-day workshop on Ambient Gaming, we intend to discuss various issues regarding this new and emerging field of research from different perspectives (game design, games research and technology) and uncover the potential of ambient technology for play and games in various contexts.

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2nd Int. Workshop on Human Behavior Understanding: Inducing Behavioral Change (Full Day)

The workshop deals with the problem of modeling human behavior under its multiple facets (expression of emotions, display of complex social and relational behaviors, performance of individual or joint actions, etc.), with particular attention to systems that aim to induce behavioral change in their users.

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Privacy, Trust and Interaction in the Internet of Things (Half Day)

The workshop addresses topics of increasing importance in the emerging area of the Internet of Things (IoT): privacy, trust and related interaction concepts. The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts from different relevant areas to cover the complexity of the questions involved and to provide a forum for developing new ideas and approaches on how to address some of the major challenges in the field considering both a scientific and an industrial viewpoint. The workshop targets to identify the most pressing open questions in the field and to develop a research agenda for trusted and privacy-respecting computing in the internet of things. Special attention within the workshop is given on whether and how experiences with privacy and trust from related areas (such as e.g. ubiquitous computing) can be applied to the IoT, where existing conceptualizations need to be extended or modified and where radically new concepts are required.

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Role of Ambient Intelligence in Future Lighting Systems (Full Day)

LED-based lighting systems have introduced radically new possibilities in the area of artificial lighting. Being physically small the LED can be positioned or embedded into luminaires, materials and even the very fabric of a building or environment. Together with new functionality and flexibility comes complexity; the simple light switch is not anymore sufficient to control our light. The light switch therefore in many situations will need to be enhanced or fully replaced by intelligent controls and smart environments that are sensitive to the context and responsive to the presence of people. Future lighting systems will become a part of the Ambient Intelligence (AmI). This workshop explores how the vision and principles of the AmI paradigm can be applied to future lighting controls, where lighting is not anymore only a functional on/off system, but a flexible system capable of creating a large range of functional/decoration and ambient light effects.

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